Is the product I want available? 

For immediate product and pricing inquiries, please call 310.393.4322 to speak with the owner, Rick Hogan or Store Manger, Steven Colbert. You may also email Rick directly at 

Can I do a special order? 

Yes, of course! If you don't see the exact style or color of product you want in-store, we are happy to do a special order for you. 

Why can't I buy online?

We are proud to provide a wide selection of premium products from the world's leading eyewear brands. All our eyewear is offered at current retail prices determined by our brand partners. We cannot offer online discounts, but we can offer you thirty years of experience and exceptional customer service! 

I can buy cheaper online...why don't I just order online elsewhere?

There are numerous discount shopping outlets online. Many offer "retail brands" at drastically reduced prices, however, you may not be getting the best quality for what you pay for!

The only way to guarantee a genuine, quality brand-name product is to purchase through licensed retailers like Optical Designs. In addition to providing the world's premium eyewear, we also offer thirty years of experience and exceptional customer service! 

How do I place an order? 

All orders must be placed directly via phone or email. We do not process online orders. 

Do you ship? 

Yes, as soon as you place your order via phone or email, we ship directly to the address you submit with your shopping cart checkout form.

Have more questions? 

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